Welcome to KC Metro HMIS!



As of close of business on April 3, 2020, MARC is no longer the lead agency for GKCCEH MO-604. If you have questions regarding HMIS support, onboarding, training or other HMIS-related topics for programs in MO-604, please contact GKCCEH at admin@gkcceh.org, 816-924-7997 or visit www.gkcceh.org.

It has been our honor to serve you and wish you continued success!


HMIS is essential to coordinate services, evaluate performance, ensure accountability in the use of public funds, and inform public policy. Ultimately, the HMIS serves as the foundation for all planning to prevent, reduce, and eliminate homelessness.


The United Community Services of Johnson County Continuum of Care is in agreement for the Mid-America Regional Council (MARC) to serve as the HMIS Lead Agency. The HMIS Lead Agency role is to administer the local HMIS and ensure that it meets the needs of local agencies, the two CoCs and the community at-large.